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Why Choose a Concrete Pool Deck

Concrete is the best solution for a trouble free, long lasting Cool Pool Deck.

Resurfacing a pool deck for your community pool

If you are in the process of redoing a pool deck in Virginia, you may be considering concrete as your material of choice. Sure, it is exceedingly durable and low maintenance, but who wants to spend their summers sitting on a dull grey slab of concrete?

The good news is that you no longer have to sacrifice style in your Virginia pool decking to enjoy the durability of concrete. There are plenty of options in decorative concrete finishes that can make your community pool the talk of the neighborhood.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials available for Virginia pool decking today. This substance is highly resistant to mildew and staining, as long as it is properly cleaned and cared for.

When you are dealing with a commercial pool deck that sees an extensive amount of foot traffic during the summer months, durability is certainly a critical cornerstone to consider with your pool deck.

Low Maintenance

Concrete does not need to be stained or sealed regularly to maintain its appearance. An occasional power washing and repair work to seal cracks is usually sufficient for keeping Virginia pool decking in top condition for many years. Less maintenance means your staff spends less time cleaning the pool and more time keeping it safe. In the long run, concrete pool decks can be quite cost effective for this reason.


Some people worry that Virginia pool decking made of concrete can become overly slippery when wet. However, stamped, stenciled and stained concrete develops its own texture that makes it a safer option for pool decks. In addition, a non-skid substance can be applied to the sealant to add traction right around the perimeter of the pool.


Dull grey concrete is out in Virginia, and in its place comes concrete finishes that are colorful enough for any outdoor environment. In addition, you can choose from a variety of stamp and stencil patterns that can make your concrete deck look like stone, brick or even wood.

Virginia pool deck resurfacing is easier and more durable with many concrete options today. By choosing a stain and pattern to coordinate with the rest of the outdoor space, you can have a pool deck that is as beautiful as it is functional.