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So you’ve decided on a plaster finish for you pool, but have you narrowed it down to the type of plaster? The plaster you choose for your swimming pool is important not only for its appearance, but for strength and the longevity purposes.

Plaster finishes can range from basic to rather involved, in terms of design elements. The right pool finish can complete your pool’s construction and give it not only an aesthetic appeal, but the appropriate texture. Whether your pool is given a satiny smooth plaster finish or a rougher texture, the finish options are what will set your swimming pool apart from others.

Whether you are installing an above ground pool for the first time or simply looking for a replacement liner for your current swimming pool, it helps to know what your options are in above ground swimming pool liners. By understanding the different types of liners available, you will be better equipped to choose the best one for your needs. We've got the lowdown on above ground pool liners so you will be able to shop for your swimming pool supplies like a pro.

Overlap Liners

When we decided we wanted to install a pool in our backyard, we were pretty blown away by the prices. We really wanted an in-ground pool that would last and add to the value of our home. We just didn't have it in our budget to go with gunite or fiberglass. It was disheartening to think we would have to compromise with a vinyl swimming pool.

Thinking of an All Tiled Pool?

Swimming pool trends are constantly evolving. The latest – and quite possibly the hottest – craze in high-end custom swimming pools today is the all-tiled design, which popularly utilizes glass tiles. Not only is the glass tile approach breathtakingly gorgeous, it can mean significantly less maintenance for the savvy swimming pool owner.

When we decided to put a pool in the backyard, we had no idea where to begin! There were way more choices than we realized. That's when we decided that knowledge was power and we needed plenty of it if we were going to make a good choice on a swimming pool. We started reading everything we could get our hands on that talked about the different types of pools available.

Like other aspects of the backyard landscape, swimming pools go through their share of trends. Many homeowners like to select the latest and greatest in swimming pool options to ensure their outdoor living space has an upscale feel. Newer models of swimming pools provide more than an aesthetic quality, however; these additions can also make your pool safer, cleaner and more enjoyable. Check out some of these latest trends that have hit the market for backyard swimming pools.

Shapes and Sizes

A swimming pool is a fun addition to the backyard. Today's pools offer a plethora of design options that allow you to bring color and style to your outdoor living space. You don't have to settle for a basic grey pool and matching grey concrete decking. Modern designs offer a rainbow of colors both inside the pool and around the pool deck. Check out these five ideas for bringing color and charm to your pool area.

Colored Tile


The right swimming pool finish will make all the difference in the aesthetic quality of your pool. A high quality finish will also affect the durability of your pool investment. There are many choices in pool finishes today, and they vary in appearance, durability and budget. Check out these options in swimming pool finishes to determine which one will work the best for your backyard pool.

Pool Tile