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Pool Deck Size Considerations

How large or small you build your pool deck depends on a number of things, but the most important factors are 1) yard size and 2) pool size.

Start with the space in your backyard. 

Where are you placing your pool? Often this is determined by convenience and usability. For instance, if you have a steep or medium grade that an above-ground pool can be built into, you take advantage of previously unusable space. On the flip side, in-ground pools have to be installed within certain parameters and aren’t usually as flexible.

Once you have narrowed down where your pool will be, consider the balance of the usable space in your yard. Would you like to maintain grass or flower beds? How close to the property line can you build your deck? Check with your local government regarding bylaws about property lines to ensure legal issues won’t arise, as you may have limitations on where a pool can be installed due to sightlines and traffic. Plan all of this ahead of time, well before installation date to be cautious.

Now you know your pool location and how much space you want/need left in your yard. Those factors determine the maximum size of your pool deck.

The walk-around deck or “perimeter deck” should be at least 4-feet wide. This will allow for safe traffic and provides a good surface for entering and exiting the pool. Add some space for the solar blanket or maintenance materials at one end, usually opposite the main entrance to your pool.

Most pool owners want an area to relax and lounge near their pool. For dining or a patio set, a minimum deck size should be 12 feet x 12 feet.  This will comfortably fit a table and chairs, large enough to accommodate 8 people. Consider more space for patio loungers or Adirondack chairs. Figure on the width of your pool, plus 8 feet for the perimeter deck on either side as a base wide. For example: a 9-foot-wide pool + 4-foot deck on one side + 4-foot deck on the other = 17 feet.  Add more width if desired.  For a good lounge area, build a deck that’s at least 14 - 16 feet deep from the pool edge. 

That may seem too large or oddly shaped. It may not work for your yard. Basically any size within that or larger is acceptable, but is based entirely on your usage and lifestyle. If you have a patio area elsewhere, you may not need more than the 4-foot perimeter deck, an additional landing at the entrance or space for the solar blanket.

Be sure to build a pool deck that’s safe (no less than the above minimums around) and is large enough for your family to enjoy. Design and build it the proper size first, as it’s always more difficult to add on later.

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