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Pool Cages: Types and Prices

Pool Cage vs. Screen Room

Contrary to popular belief, a “screen room” is not the same thing as a “pool cage,” but that doesn’t stop folks from confusing the two terms. We here at Swimming Pool Ideas would feel just awful if you paid a visit to your local contractor and asked for a screen room and got a pool cage or vice versa… So here’s the difference: Screen rooms are patio enclosures with a solid-built roof covering it. A pool cage is an enclosure that covers a swimming pool. The main difference is that a pool cage has a screened roof, and a screen room has a solid roof or ceiling.

With that said, let’s focus on pool cages in this article. These structures are region-specific, meaning if you living in Southern Florida, for example, where hurricanes are not uncommon, you will want to look for a pool cage that is engineered for winds that travel at a rate of 130 miles per hour. Pool cages in this part of the U.S. are vital for swimming pool owners, as they keep your outdoor living area free from biting bugs, leaves and other debris.

On the other hand, if you live in one of the northern states, you will want to look for a pool cage that is specifically engineered for snow and ice. Similar in looks to the southern state pool cages, but the mesh is typically stronger and the aluminum roof beams are thicker. Since northern pool cages are studier, they will be a bit pricier than southern pool cages (count on $3 to $5 more per square foot of screen).

If you want a pool enclosure than can withstand every type of weather imaginable, or you are looking for a more sound-proof solution for your poolside lifestyle, consider an all-glass pool cage. You obviously won’t be able to enjoy natural breezes with all-glass enclosures, but you will have the option to control the climate inside. Be prepared to spend some cash, as glass pool enclosures are much more expensive than screens. Some all-glass cages feature retractable roofs, which will raise the price even more.

How Much Does a Pool Cage Cost?

It truly depends on the size of your pool and your geographical location. If you reside in the southern states and your pool is a standard size (e.g., 18’ x 37’), count on spending $11,000 to $14,000 for complete installation. The price tag for a northern state pool cage will range from $14,000 to $18,000 installed, due to the sturdier beams. The price range for the all-glass pool enclosures is quite wide since there are more options for glass, such as thickness, tint, UV protection, etc.