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Installing a Pool Slide or Diving Board

If you want to add more fun to your pool, consider installing a slide or diving board with these tips.

A swimming pool can bring hours of warm weather fun to your backyard. To enhance the experience, many pool owners decide to install a diving board or slide to the pool area. While these additions can be fun for kids and adults alike, there are many safety considerations to keep in mind. The proper choice of accessories and correct installation is paramount to ensure the security of all your swimmers. This article will provide tips on choosing and installing diving boards and slide, to ensure you get the most out of your swimming pool accessories.

Swimming Pool Diving Boards

Diving boards usually require a permit to install, because the regulations regarding the safety of these features are quite precise and must be followed to the letter. Rules will involve the depth of the pool (most diving boards require at least an eight-foot depth), the size and height of the diving board and how far into the water the tip of the board must reach. In some states, diving boards are not permitted on residential pools at all.

Once your diving board and slide are installed, you will need rules of the house to keep all the swimmers safe. First, make sure everyone knows that only one person should be on the board or slide at a time. Do not allow anyone to dive off the side of the diving board, and ensure everyone checks the water before diving for objects or other swimmers. Inspect your accessories regularly for damage and do not allow swimmer to dive or slide if repairs need to be made.

By choosing your diving board or slide carefully and installing it correctly, you can do much to keep all of your swimmers safe and injury free. Once the accessories are installed, make sure everyone visiting your pool knows the rules so that no accidents can occur. By keeping your pool area safe, you and your family and friends are sure to enjoy a full summer of fun in the sun.

Swimming Pool Slides

When choosing your pool slide, you must determine whether you want a slide that needs to be hooked up to water or one that is slippery enough to slide down without. Water slides are a bit trickier to install, since a water source must be used. Most slides are constructed out of fiberglass or acrylic, and some are treated with a substance to make them slicker. You can also choose from metal ladders or metal covered in a durable plastic. Keep in mind that metal heats up in the sun, which may render your slide uncomfortable to use during the heat of the day.

When it comes time to install your pool slide, many pool owners opt for hiring a contractor for this purpose. Since a loose pool slide is a safety hazard, a contractor can make sure the slide is securely fastened into your concrete decking. In some cases, this is done through fasteners that set into the existing concrete, while others are installed by drilling holes into the concrete and setting new cement around the poles.