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How to Design the Perfect Backyard Pool

Ask yourself the three critical questions that will help you design the perfect swimming pool.

When we decided to put a pool in our backyard, we had no idea how to start the process. We were pretty sure we wanted an in-ground pool, but we didn't know about the different materials available or what the pricing would look like. It was really an overwhelming process.

Once we talked to some pool contractors, we began to put together a list of questions that would help us design the perfect pool for us. We started talking about how we would mostly use the pool, what the rest of our yard looked like and how much money we had to spend. By making a list of specifics like this, we were able to take our needs to the pool contractor we chose. He helped us design a backyard pool that we totally love!

A backyard pool is indeed an overwhelming project to plan, especially when you consider the many options available. Do you want to go with an in-ground or above ground model? Should you choose fiberglass or concrete? And what about size and depth? By answering a few questions before you sign on the dotted line, you can rest assured you will get the precise pool that will suit your home and your family best.

1. How Will You Use Your Pool?

This is the first question to ask when contemplating a backyard pool. If you want a pool so the kids can have a place to splash around in the summer, an above-ground style might be the easiest and most affordable option. If you want a pool the entire family will enjoy, a larger in-ground design might be a better choice. If you want the pool primarily for fitness and you have limited space, consider an endless pool. And if landscaping is your ultimate goal, an infinity pool can become a beautiful focal point that calls attention to a breathtaking scene beyond your backyard.

2. How Much Room do You Have?

According to Shea Alderete of Alderete Pools in San Clemente, California, the next consideration should be the space of your yard. "If you live on an acre or two, pool construction may not be a problem. However, if you live on a standard lot size, your outdoor space may be considerably more limited." Above-ground pools usually take up less space than traditional in-ground models. However, it is also easier to customize an in-ground pool so it can fit in any size or space you like. Consider the space you want the pool to go into, and then plan accordingly from there.

3. How Big is Your Budget?

Finally, cost is an important consideration in designing your backyard swimming pool. The good news is that you can find a pool for just about any budget, from the least expensive above-ground designs to the ultra-pricey gunite models. Determine what you can afford and then shop accordingly. You might be pleasantly surprised to find that many lenders also offer pool financing for a reasonable price to make your pool purchase even more affordable.

Designing the right pool for your needs will make all the difference in how much your pool gets used and how much value you get out of your purchase. By taking these questions into consideration, you can rest assured your pool will be a good fit for your family.