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How to Backwash a DE Filter

<p> Learn about the two steps to take to backwash your swimming pool&#39;s DE filter.</p>

If your swimming pool is equipped with a diatomaceous earth swimming pool filters, you can rest assured that your pool is getting the best filtration system possible. However, a filter is only as efficient as the maintenance schedule used to keep it clean. This means that if you want that DE filter to continue to work at peak efficiency, you need to backwash it regularly to keep your water clean and avoid overtaxing your filtration system. This equipment can be expensive to repair or replace, so regular maintenance is very important to avoid potential problems. It also keeps your pool water as safe and clean as possible.

Backwashing is usually done after a deep cleaning of the pool is performed, since this is usually when the filter is at its dirtiest. However, your pool motor will also let you know when a backwashing needs to be done, because the motor will reach somewhere between the 15 and 20 range at that point. Backwashing doesn't have to be complicated and it doesn't take much time to do. Here are the steps for backwashing a DE filter that will make the process quick, easy and successful.

Step One: Draining Dirty Water

Before you begin the backwash process, it is important to turn off all power to the pool. This important step will ensure that no injuries occur and no fuses are blown during backwashing. Once all the power is off, attach the backwash hose to the backwash valve. Adjust your filter to the backwash position and open the backwash valve.

Turn on your pool filter for a few minutes so that water can begin running through the backwash valve and out the hose at the end. The initial water will be dirty, so run the filter until the water runs clear. This ensures that your filter gets cleaned out completely before heading to the next step. Keep an eye on the process, so you can shut off the filter as soon as you see clean water coming out the backwash valve, to avoid wasting water and energy.

Step Two: Rinsing and Running the Filter

Once the draining step is complete, turn your pool pump back off. Now it is time to run the "rinse" mode on your filter a few times.  The process only takes a few seconds and then you can turn the filter back on again. Add new DE powder into the skimmer while the filter is running. Follow the directions carefully in terms of how much powder to add. Once the process is complete, make sure your motor is running at normal levels once again. This tells you that the backwash process is complete and that is was successful. Return all valves to the original position and your pool is ready for use.

Maintaining your filter regularly is an important part of responsible pool ownership. The backwashing process is a relatively quick and simple one, and will ensure your pool continues to run at peak efficiency for as long as possible. A clean pool is a safe pool, so proper maintenance is also important for keeping all the swimmers in your family safe and healthy.