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Best Pool Deck Material

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There was once a time when pool decks were built around swimming pools simply to provide a non-skid surface around the pool, and minimize the amount of dirt bathers transferred into the water.

Today, the pool deck has become a much more valued design feature that may be used for seating, entertainment and various outdoor activities. So before you have a new pool installed, or an old one renovated, give your lifestyle needs some serious thought.

The best pool decks are those that work for you. This means that they fulfill the function you require. So the first question will probably be related to who will be using the pool and the pool deck most.  This will also affect where the pool is located.

If you enjoy an outdoor lifestyle and do a lot of entertaining, or even just enjoy eating outdoors with the family, then consider extending your pool deck so you can incorporate an outdoor kitchen or even just a simple built-in barbecue or a permanent fire pit. Make sure there is space for outdoor furniture, so you sit around the pool without getting in the way of people swimming. Alternatively consider building in seating using compatible materials. For example, it’s a great idea to add wooden tables and benches to wood decks, and to build brick structures when the deck has been constructed using brick pavers. If you choose natural stone for your pool deck, then this will be the perfect material for a barbecue or pizza oven.

If the pool is going to be part of your children’s playground, you’ll need space for them to play safely. You will also need to be sure that the decking material you choose is totally skid-proof. If you have young children, it’s wise to incorporate fencing around the pool (some local authorities have codes that require the installation of fencing). But this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to fence around the entire pool deck, regardless of what material you have chosen. For instance, a wood deck can be constructed on two levels, with the pool sunk into one and the other designed for seating or for outdoor games. Then only the top section would be fenced. If you are using bricks or blocks or even natural stone flagstones for paving, you can fence the pool off, but continue the pool deck. The same principal applies to any tile pool deck.

On the other hand, if you are more interested in a pool that is primarily used for exercise, you may be happy to limit the extent of your deck. But that’s no excuse for it to look plain and unattractive. Even the most basic lap pool for training can be made into a landscaping asset with just a little imagination. For instance you could create a rockery with a pumped waterfall around one end, build planters around one or two edges, or simply add elegant pots to create a focal point.

Just remember that the best pool decks look good, are practical and they are safe and easy to maintain.